I'm Patryk Widejko and I'm thrilled and honoured that you are considering us for your wedding photography!  I think that traditional wedding photography is so boring, so I like to bring something modern and stylized to wedding photography.  

My goal is to create something unique for your day, something that will evoke much emotion from each image.  I understand the importance of creating something memorable to last a lifetime. Respectfully made with love and passion for every couple that we work with.  

With over a decade in Fashion, Portrait & Wedding photography, Patryk's experience and taste is bound to create something modern in your wedding photo collection.  His style is both bold and romantic and he is not afraid to push the boundaries of what defines typical wedding photography. Patryk has worked with some of the most regarded industry talent and his beauty collaborations have led his teams to multiple countrywide wins and international publications such as Cosmopolitan UK, Vogue Italia and Elle Canada. 

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